The 10 Principles Of Crime Prevention

Crime is something that is inevitable in society despite how much you try to prevent it. However, there are certain principles that can help you reduce the opportunity of crime to occur at your doorstep, business or place of work. To practice this, and to ensure the safety of yourself and your colleagues or family members, you will need to think like the offender and do what is necessary to counteract that idea.

Target Hardening

Make your property e difficult to access for the offender. Try to upgrade the locks on your door, windows, shades and outhouses. Try to fit sash jammers two vulnerable doors and windows and also secure passwords to prevent criminals from hijacking your online accounts.


Target Removal

Most criminals are usually after material goods rather than the person involved. Therefore, it is advised not to leave items on view through your windows, put your vehicle in the garage if you have one, try not to leave valuables on display, and be cautious about what you post online because it may be used to identify and locate you and your house.

Reduce the Means

It is always best to leave items that may be used to commit a crime like spades, shovels, knives, etc. inside the house. Try not to leave tools and ladders in the garden and clean out any trouble or bricks. Keep wheelie bins out of reach in such a way that it does not aid the offender in climbing or transporting items.

Reduce The Payoff Of The Offender

Even if an item from your house is stolen, try to securely mark that property, and make sure that if that thing is sold to another person, you can identify the item as your own. This way, the payoff of the offender is reduced.


If you want to protect yourself from offenders, and you are afraid you might be targeted, it is best to install a surveillance device like CCTV at your home or at your workplace. It is also important to keep hedges and fences at moderate heights so that an offender cannot work without being seen.


Environmental Changes

Robbers and other offenders need to understand that the neighbourhood that they are in is cared for and looked after. To ensure that the neighbourhood looks clean, remove any Graffiti or commercial waste if seen. Report issues with broken street lights to the concerned authorities and work with the police and local authority to close footpaths.

Rule Setting

Try to create rules that reinforce safety and position signage in appropriate locations. Try to introduce a rule that the last person who is leaving or entering the house must lock the door and remove the keys. Inform visitors to commercial sites that they must report to the reception and inform users that a particular site is closed for a certain period of time and cannot be entered during that time period.


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