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Cross-Canada Report on Student Alcohol and Drug Use

Between 41% to 52% of grade 12 students in Canada report consuming five or more drinks on one occasion in the past month, and between 15% and 27% report past-month cannabis use.

These and other findings were released today by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and the Student Drug Use Surveys (SDUS) Working Group in the Cross-Canada Report on Student Alcohol and Drug Use.

In addition, the report shows consistent patterns of alcohol and drug use exist among high school students regardless of their location in Canada. For example, there is low use of alcohol and drugs in the early grades of high school, but it increases among older high school students.

For experts in the field, this means students can be targeted with age appropriate messages. For younger high school students who have never used alcohol or drugs, focus can be placed on prevention messages to deter or delay use. For older students who may be already using, these messages may be supplemented with those aimed at reducing the frequency of use and not doing risky things like driving while under their influence.

Among 12th graders, an alarming number are driving within an hour after consuming alcohol or drugs, or are a passenger in a vehicle with someone who has.

The report marks the first time a national picture of drug and alcohol use among high school students across Canada has been developed using provincial surveys and national data that focus on self-reported drug use.

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