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Gang Prevention for New Immigrant and Refugee Youth in B.C.: Community Consultation Paper

This paper explores why and how immigrant and refugee youth between the ages of 13-23 years old and in Canada less than 5 years may or may not become involved with youth gangs.

 The purpose of this research was threefold:

1) to identify why and how newcomer immigrant and refugee youth become involved in gangs in BC (i.e., specific risk factors and pathways to gang involvement in BC)

2) to review the individual, family, school and community strengths and assets that support newcomer youth to resist gang involvement and build resiliency, and

3) to identify BC-based effective, culturally responsive strategies to prevent or intervene in newcomer youth gang involvement and support their positive development.

Drawing both from contemporary Canadian studies, and consultations with newcomer immigrant and refugee youth and youth workers in Metro Vancouver, this paper outlines the challenges newcomer youth face in their settlement process and advocates for early sustained support to assist youth and their families to adjust to life in Canada.

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