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The National Report on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: America's Prostituted Children

Acknowledging that strategic responses to sex trafficking require comprehensive understanding of the local situation, Shared Hope International aligned with the U.S. Department of Justice-funded human traffi cking task forces to assess domestic minor sex trafficking and the access to victim services in ten U.S. locations.

Each assessed location produced information that was documented in an area-specific report, including information on the scope of the problem, how victims of domestic minor sex trafficking were accessing the system, how they were being labeled, and, as a result of that label, how victims of domestic minor sex trafficking were accessing or being barred from accessing services as victims of a violent crime.

Shared Hope International found misidentification to be the primary barrier to the rescue and response to domestic minor sex trafficking victims. Also, proper and regular documentation of promising practices in responding to the complex issues of domestic minor sex trafficking is lacking.

Additionally, a four-part, 40-minute training video was crafted to educate and train on the situation and           dynamics of domestic minor sex trafficking.

The key findings of the study can be grouped into four components of domestic minor sex trafficking: identifying the victims; prosecuting the traffi ckers; combating demand; and providing protection, access to services, and shelter for victims.

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