Crime Prevention Partners

Strength-based Approaches

Youth Gangs
Strength-based Approaches
Schools and Parents

A restorative approach to working with victims and offenders that encompasses a shift in thinking from blame and punishment to addressing impacts, restoring relationships and reintegrating those involved successfully back into their communities.

Strength-based Approaches
Community Crime Prevention

Volume II of the National Crime Prevention Centre's Promising and Model Crime Prevention Programs

Strength-based Approaches

This paper discusses strength-based strategies for reducing youth involvement in gang violence in British Columbia.

Strength-based Approaches

There is strong evidence to show that the “get tougher” movement Canada does not reduce youth crime. What does is the development of effective prevention programs for children and adolescents.

Strength-based Approaches

The Developmental Assets are 40 common sense, positive experiences and qualities that help influence choices young people make and help them become caring, responsible adults.

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