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Victoria Restorative Justice Society: Gangs and Restorative Practices Power Point

A powerpoint presentation developed by the Victoria Restorative Justice Society that discusses the restorative justice community approach to addressing crime and other harmful behaviours and the positive effects this approach has on addressing impacts, restoring relationships and reintegrating those involved back into their communities.  

The restorative approach allows all parties who are affected to meet to discuss the incident, explore the needs of those impacted and agree collectively on how to deal with the aftermath and the implications for the future.  

Restorative practices have developed as a result of the success of restorative justice, and involves more than an intervention to deal with harmful behaviour.  They are a foundation of programs and school environments that focus on building respectful relationships and providing ongoing opportunities for youth to take responsibility for their behaviour and their lives. 

To read more about restorative justice and practices please Click Here to view slides.

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