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The resources page contains useful links and articles to help combat gangs in BC and to support the positive development of young people at risk of gang involvement. Click a title below to read more about a given resource.

Gang Prevention

Crime Prevention information booklet designed to assist service providers, parents, teachers, and others who are working to help prevent youth from becoming involved in gangs or to help them leave gangs.


Reena Virk was only fourteen when she was beaten and drowned by a group of her peers in a middle-class suburb of Victoria, B.C. For over a decade now, Reena's parents, Suman and Manjit Virk, have struggled through rage and grief to prevent similar tragedies from happening again.


To date, more than a hundred young men from the South Asian community have died in gang-related violence in Metro Vancouver. Gangs are a reality of urban life, yet behind the body count and the headlines, a far different battle is being waged.


These films were created by the Youth in Action Program at the Society for Children and Youth of BC by young people concerned with the rights of youth in care across BC.

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